Youth Residencies


PROX:IMITY RE:MIX is a 2 week process that offers skill building in dance, theatre and new media and highlights the unique identities and talents of local youth. The project is aimed at youth (ages 15-24) who are interested in being part of the creation of a multimedia and dance creation. No previous performance training is necessary.

PROX:IMITY RE:MIX was developed by MACHiNENOiSY from Law of Proximity, a community-engaged project in which we mentored 8 queer youth in the creation of a multimedia dance performance. Using the original process as a working template, we will meet with local youth (queer and non-queer) over a two-week period recreating scenes and training them in improvisation, contact dance, performance and new media to create a 30 minute performance that explores issues of identity, gender and community.

Here’s a video of our 2015 performances at The Anvil Centre in New Westminister: PROX:IMITY RE:MIX

Sparking a discussion”

Your late teens and early 20s are often a time of uncertainty and self-identification. We struggle to figure out who we are, who we want to be and how we can embody that to the world.

“While you may be one of the lucky few who are confident and assured in your identity, Law of Proximity invites us to engage in that dialogue and be frank about society’s long-embedded beliefs about gender. It doesn’t threaten, it doesn’t hold you hostage - Law of Proximity simply wants to touch on a very important issue.” Stephanie Ip, The Province, August 15, 2012

Presenter Testimonials

“Proximity:Remix is an exemplary community engagement program. It fulfills a distinct need in the youth community with artistic integrity and provides a positive opportunity for a timely social dialogue.” Jessica Schneider, Anvil Centre Theatre, New Westminster

“PROX:IMITY RE:MIX was an extremely valuable undertaking for Evergreen. It reinforced our commitment to including contemporary dance presentations in our programming; it included members of the local youth community, which is a priority for us; and it resulted in a truly fascinating multi-media/movement performance that gave voice to issues of gender identity within the often-marginalized queer/trans youth community. The committed work of the participants in performance reflected well not only on them, but on the fine guidance they received from the professionals of MACHiNENOiSY.” David Mann, Evergreen Cultural Centre, Port Coquitlam

“When art brings current social issues to the table, it’s impact ripples beyond the theatre and the performance of the artistic work into the community. PROX:iMiTY RE:MiX is important for the dialogue it stimulates in our community for the very reason that it addresses many social issues; giving voice to LGBTQ minorities, giving voice to our teenagers, arts participation, shared community experiences on both sides of the stage and enhancing the value of the impact of the arts in community. This work brought dialogue and inspiration to our community, enthusiasm, and engagement and raised the profile of Crimson Coast Dance Society. The response was so receptive that we will consider presenting this very same project again in the future!” Holly Bright, Crimson Dance, Nanaimo

Participant Testimonial

“I really enjoyed being a part of PROX:IMITY RE:MIX. It was definitely a worthwhile project that I feel really proud of and would gladly do again. I had never been in a space that was so open. The cast really got to know each other and develop art in our own ways. Being given a space in which we created our own art was really powerful. Being able to talk and write around LGBT issues was a really important part of this show. I feel it’s really important for LGBT people to connect and share experiences and this was a very accessible way of doing it. That kind of closeness, expression, and community building is really important in protecting the mental health of LGBT youth. The entire creative team was great to work with. Daelik and Delia were just wonderful people to work with. I felt that I learned a lot about dance and art with them. They were willing to work with and around cast members own needs and limitations while still managing to keep the show on track. That’s not easy for a show with only two weeks to make, but they did it in a way that was both comforting and professional.” Miles Hayes, Nanaimo