New Duet

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In January a new duet by Delia and Daelik titled We are by which we are moved in return was shown at PuSH OFF for presenters from around the world. We are by which we are moved in return is the first duet Delia and Daelik have created for themselves since their collaborative partnership began in 2006. The work is a collaboration with artist Jay White and composer Chris Kelly that reflects both the roots of their creative partnership in contact dance and their evolving interests in materiality and scenographic design; a dance created in confederacy with their shared past and divergent perspectives. It is an attempt to make present the long history of unspoken exchanges, asymmetrical desires and complex creative interdependency that is at the heart of MACHiNENOiSY. We are continuing to develop the duet throughout 2018, with the presentation of the work scheduled for 2019 – stay tuned for more details!